NAVA Bar Talk: Equality in the Arts - Making Leadership Count
Thursday 18 May, 5-7pm at ACMI Cafe & Bar at Federation Square.

Three guest speakers discuss their experience and views on equality & leadership within our sector. The speakers include Phip Murray (The Wheeler Centre), Esther Anatolitis (Regional Arts Victoria) & Gabrielle de Vietri (Artist), and will be facilitated by NAVA Executive Director, Tamara Winikoff. I'll be speaking about the rights and responsibilities of artists in leading social action and change, and what I (from my experience as an artist) think are some key issues facing women leadership positions.

Roundtable discussion: An Act of Showing - Rethinking Artist-Run Initiatives through Place
Saturday 20 May, 3-6pm at Testing Grounds, Melbourne

Invited artists and speakers will open discussion on the themes: rethinking artist-run initiatives through place, relationships between art, art practice and geography, Chris Kraus’s radical localism in the Asia Pacific Region, relationships between Australian ARIs and the Asia Pacific region, local art and global forces, Indigenous understandings of place and its impact on Australian ARIs and ARI artists and relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists in Australian ARIs and Art Centres.

Panel discussion: Systems of Solidarity: Alternative Pedagogies
Tuesday June 13 at BUS Projects

More info coming soon.