by A Centre for Everything (Will Foster & Gabrielle de Vietri)

Acrylic paint, LED screens, content changing daily

Courtesy of the artists and MUMA


Which Australian species will be extinct due to human activity next?

What is the biggest barrier to taking action on climate change?

What impending meteorological disaster causes you the most worry?

How many climate refugees are there predicted to be by 2020?

How might a University participate in supporting the extraction, production and consumption of fossil fuels?

What is the major factor preventing commuters from taking public transport?

Which industry is the largest contributor to Australia's carbon emissions?

How did we get into this mess?

In 2013, the Bureau of Meteorology added a new colour—deep purple––to indicate temperatures above 50 degrees in its weather forecasting map. This colour acts as an alarming backdrop to a series of multiple choice answers to undisclosed questions about climate change, activating critical thinking in relation to individual, corporate, institutional and governmental decision-making around urgent environmental issues.