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I acknowledge that I meet and work on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nations and that sovereignty was never ceded. I pay respect to elders past and present.


This guide has been written in consultation with NAVA's code of practice, which sets out minimums fees for artists working in a variety of circumstances. Fees are in Australian dollars. Fees variation and categories refer to both the size of the institution and the scale of the work.

1. Proposal for a new work
Fee for developing a creative concept, associated budget, timeline, images and bio for marketing, programs, funding applications, etc.
SMALL $100-300  |  MEDIUM $400-1000  |   LARGE $1000-3000

2. Practitioner fees hourly rate
PERMANENT $56.97  |  CASUAL $71.21  |  SHORT-TERM CONTRACT $112.56  |  LONG-TERM CONTRACT $93.80

3. Loan for a group exhibition
Single venue, existing work, simple installation, group exhibition, up to two months.  Rates vary depending on the number of artists in the exhibition, the size of the institution and the scale of the work.
SMALL $200-400  |  MEDIUM $300-500  |  LARGE $500-1000

4. New work commission
Minimum artist's fee. This does not include production costs. This fee or 10% of the project budget (not the total exhibition budget), whichever is more. 
SMALL $1000-2500  |  MEDIUM $2500-3000  |  LARGE $3000-$5000

5. Solo exhibition
Minimum artist's fee, excluding production costs. This fee or 10% of project budget, whichever is more.
SMALL $1500  |  MEDIUM $3000   |   LARGE $5000

6. Curating an exhibition
Curator’s fee, excluding production costs.
SMALL $1000  |  MEDIUM $2500  |  LARGE $5000

7. Essay / text
1000 words or less. 40-96c per word thereafter.
SMALL $250-400  | MEDIUM $400-800  |  LARGE $1,100

8. Panellist
Up to 10-15 minutes prepared content. Up to 1.5 hours presentation. Arrival one hour prior to event.
SMALL 150  |  MEDIUM 250  |  LARGE 350

9. Guest lecture
25 minutes - 1 hour prepared original content. Different fees apply to a standard artists' talk as opposed to entirely original content.
SMALL 200 - 300  |  MEDIUM 300-500  |  LARGE 500-750

10. Image reproduction licence, per image
Varies depending on number of images, print or online, purpose and type of publication, size and placement of image. Fee may not apply for exhibitions where the artist’s fee covers non-exclusive image licence for catalogue images, website and promotional purposes. 
SMALL 50-100  |  MEDIUM 100-300  |  LARGE 150-400